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ASP.NET session has expired or could not be found


I have hosted the application In a IIS server and the url is depolyed in a Citrix server for users to access it.

The report works fine when the application url is hit directly.

But when the url is accessed via the citrix server, getting this error "ASP.NET session has expired or could not be found"

Any input on this will be helpful. Thanks


JePeuxAider wrote Oct 26, 2016 at 5:52 AM

This happened to me too on a corporate server farm with multiple load balanced web servers.
It happens if the report request goes back to a web server instance which is not the one running the web site which made the request.
You need to set the Session Persistence to 'Source IP' in each of the web servers in your farm.
This fixed the problem completely in our installation.