Firefox issue

somehow this does not work on firefox, the reportviewer controller header is available (like navigation, print, export). But the report content is not available.

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ASP.NET session has expired or could not be found

I have hosted the application In a IIS server and the url is depolyed in a Citrix server for users to access it. The report works fine when the application url is hit directly. But when the url i...

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Empty IFrame When Using @Html.ReportViewer

I am getting a blank iframe when I use View: @Html.ReportViewer(ViewBag.ReportViewer as Microsoft.Reporting.WebForms.ReportViewer) Controller: // GET: Report public ActionResult Index(Re...

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I am having an error when 2 or more users request a report simultaneously, that is, at the same time, what happens is that all users receive a single report, corresponding to that request any of th...

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using report viewer on mvc5

I want to implement the report viewer in the myproject on mvc5 What's I do ?

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404 error

am getting a 404 error , it cant find the "/ReportViewerWebForm.aspx"

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ReportViewerforMVC export in IE8 issue

I configured reportviewerfor mvc in my mvc partial view. My application is normal internet application without https. On IE8 when report is displayed and try to export it to excel/word/pdf, gives p...

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How to display ReportViewer for MVC to partial view

Hi am using ReportViewer for MVC for my mvc project as report viewer control but what i want is to display this control to my partial view so that i can call my partial view when ever i want ple...

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SubreportProcessingEvent is not firing

Hi Team, I have wired up the SubreportProcessing event to a method where I set the data source for the sub reports. But, the event doesn't fire. Please take a look. reportViewer.LocalReport.Subre...

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Razor Intellisense broken after installing ReportViewer

Hi, As per subject, is there a fix/workaround for it?

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